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Guide to Winter Maintenance: Keep It Simple Cyclist

Get your bike ready to face the elements with these simple guidelines.



  • Everything wears faster.
    • Although a rough estimate, expect all your moving parts and break pads to wear twice as fast.
    • All that extra grit on the roads, even once it warms up, can build up on just about everything.  Pay special attention to your rims, chain, disc rotors if you’ve got em, and break pads.
    • Water vehicle for extra contaminants making contact with your bike
    • -battle rust aggressively by drying your frame after a wintery ride



  • Ride, rinse, lube, repeat.
    • This simple routine can save your bike and your wallet.
    • Remove ice and grit to reduce yucky stuff where you don’t want it.
    • Focus on these important wear prone areas
      • disc rotors, drivetrain, hubs, headset, rims
        • PRO TIP: Only lightly rinse (please no pressure washers) anywhere with seals and bearings.
    • Lube  your chain to prior to getting back out there.
      • Wet lube last longer and is most recommended for wet, wintery conditions.
        • Our faves…WD-40 Wet, Rock n Roll Extreme.
        • Be careful to avoid getting lubricant on braking surfaces.

Now bundle up and get back out there!



Emonda ALR 6 Review

New bike day was about two weeks ago and after two hundred miles of riding I am loving my Trek Emonda ALR 6. The ALR 6 is a aluminum version of Treks carbon Tour de France stage winning Emonda. Don’t be fooled by the aluminum frame though, this bike is not heavy. She weighed in sub 18 pounds, with bottle cages, pedals, Garmin mount, and tools underneath the saddle. Right from the beginning the part that was most outstanding was the crisp shifting,the ALR 6 is fully equipped with a Shimano Ultegra groupo. In addition the ALR comes stock with tubeless ready wheels for those epic dirt road adventures. The only thing that I changed from the stock build was a Specialized Power saddle, and a Stages power meter on the left crank arm.
Tracking that data with a Garmin 500 and Stages Power meter.
Being a mountain biker at heart, this bike saw dirt it’s first ride and continues to ride the popular dirt road loops in Fort Collins. Even with 23mm tires the ride was smooth, and I don’t mean smooth in comparison to a time trail bike I mean smooth like my cyclocross bike. This is partly because of the carbon seat post and fork. I am continually impressed after every ride, from fast group rides to long days in the saddle. I have been comfortable while having a quick bike under my legs. The ALR has Trek’s H2 fit, meaning that the rider position is a bit more upright than their full race H1 fit. That being said the acceleration and climbing abilities were outstanding. The compact gearing (50/34) is awesome for the steep climbs in and around Fort Collins, there is a lot to be said about be able to sit while climbing north dam.
The 25mm tire handle winter riding like a champ.
This bike has been great for everything I have thrown at it so far. Climbing, descending, dirt, long distance, and town line sprints have all come at ease for a price point that is unmatched, MSRP $2200. A bike like this has no problem keeping up with every rider in your home town on his S-Works Venge. Remember its the indian not the arrow. For an incredible price and even better ride this is a great training, racing, KOM stealing ride. For me it was love the second I threw my leg over her.
-Ride on, Jonathan

New Year, Same Lee’s

It’s resolution time.  Whether or not you participate in the “New Year’s Resolution”, you can’t help but think forward to the this year and strategize how you can be smarter, richer, more generous, or more beautiful than the last.

In the spirit of the season, we’d like to make a resolution. But with a twist.  Rather than make false promises about how we will drink less beer, eat less cheese or chocolate, and adhere to a strict workout regime, we vow to be the same.   We vow to be dependable, honest, and a resource to our community. We vow to love bikes and to continue to spread that love.  In honor of being the same, let’s look back on 2015.

On Wednesdays, we ride.  All summer long we hosted a beginner friendly, casual road ride.  The Lee’s Community Ride, as we call it, was full of adventure, new faces and familiar faces, great conversation, and encouragement.


Ladies nights hosted by these two! Yes, that’s right. Plural, ladies nights.  We got the chance to honor the women of cycling with four individually themed evenings.
Fat Bike demos have allowed us to expand our love of bikes and enjoy the winter a little more.
Not only did we get the wonderful opportunity to support the MS150 but we also were able to support one of our own.  Andrew, top center, has ridden the past three years with his dad for this noble cause.  They succeeded in raising an award winning $25,000 in 2015!
Events are how we best spread our love of bikes.  We are so thankful to help companies like Modern Dentistry and The Group coordinate holiday bike donations.  Here we have some of our most passionate Lee’s team members ready to assist in a 21 bike giveaway.
One of our 2015 goals was to increase the resources we offer our customers through local business partnerships.  We were so excited to be able to provide free yoga nights thanks to the help of Core Power.  You will often see many of Lee’s own taking part too!


First Fridays on the Farm with Shire CSA had to be one of out favorite support events last summer.  Located right off Spring Creek Trail, this event encouraged attendees to ride their bikes to enjoy music, beer, and food trucks.

Revisiting the highlights of 2015 gets all of us at Lee’s ready for everything 2016 has in store.  Spoiler alert! 2016 will be full of all our favorites of 2015.  So cheers, raise your glass of champagne or sparkling grape juice, to more ladies nights, group rides, local business partnerships, and to above all else, bikes.

Happy New Year to you and yours from us and ours.
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