Get your bike ready to face the elements with these simple guidelines.



  • Everything wears faster.
    • Although a rough estimate, expect all your moving parts and break pads to wear twice as fast.
    • All that extra grit on the roads, even once it warms up, can build up on just about everything.  Pay special attention to your rims, chain, disc rotors if you’ve got em, and break pads.
    • Water vehicle for extra contaminants making contact with your bike
    • -battle rust aggressively by drying your frame after a wintery ride



  • Ride, rinse, lube, repeat.
    • This simple routine can save your bike and your wallet.
    • Remove ice and grit to reduce yucky stuff where you don’t want it.
    • Focus on these important wear prone areas
      • disc rotors, drivetrain, hubs, headset, rims
        • PRO TIP: Only lightly rinse (please no pressure washers) anywhere with seals and bearings.
    • Lube  your chain to prior to getting back out there.
      • Wet lube last longer and is most recommended for wet, wintery conditions.
        • Our faves…WD-40 Wet, Rock n Roll Extreme.
        • Be careful to avoid getting lubricant on braking surfaces.

Now bundle up and get back out there!